For over twenty years Beverly has sustained the Lakota way of beading  as an integral part of her life.
These pieces were beaded utilizing the traditional Lakota style lazy stitch beading method.  Each stitch is beaded directly onto the traditional brain-tanned hide.  In the early development of beadwork among the Lakota was the distinct use of geometric forms of designs.  Just as a bead worker often named a specific design after some natural object, sometimes the bead worker used a symbol of some mystic idea or tribal scene. 

~Thunder ~
Lakota Horse Mask

Beaded Medallion Purse

Beaded Purse



Beaded Portrait of Lakota Woman's Dress



Rose of Ole Pawnee
Beaded portrait of a woman's northern traditional dress

Rose of Ole Pawnee



Black Hills Gold
Beaded portrait of Lakota Woman's Buckskin Dress


Fire Dancer
Beaded portrait of portrait of a Northern Traditional Buckskin Dress


Possible Bag


Strike-a-Light Bag



Gift of Sunka Wakan
Sunka Wakan (Spirit of the Lakota Horse) is a beaded portrait depiction of a Lakota Horse Mask

Learn About the Spirit of the Horse



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